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24-Jan-2021 04:14

Discussion: Internet technology has changed our daily lives dramatically and altered the way we communicate as well.As social media applications are becoming more popular, users are connected more tightly to the internet and their time spent with others in the real world continues to decrease.The number of internet users in Japan has exceeded 100 million and continues to grow.Internet technology has changed our daily lives dramatically.Results: There was a trend that males favored gaming in their internet use while females used the internet mainly for social networking via smartphone, and the mean SAS-SV score was higher in females.Two-group comparisons between gamers and social media users, according to the main purpose of internet use, showed that gamers used the internet longer and had significantly higher mean IAT and HQ-25 scores.Males often isolate themselves from the social community in order to engage in online gaming while females use the internet as to not be excluded from their communications online.

With more people using smartphones, problems regarding smartphone overuse become more serious.The results of the MIAC survey (n = 38,630) reported that 59.7% of users access the internet through a smartphone, while 52.5% of them use the internet via desktop and/or laptop computers (1).Dominance of the smartphone is more prominent in younger age groups compared to senior age groups.Background: As the number of internet users increases, problems related to internet overuse are becoming more and more serious.

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Adolescents and youth may be particularly attracted to and preoccupied with various online activities.

They were requested to complete the study questionnaire, which consisted of questions about demographics, internet use, the Internet Addiction Test (IAT), the Smartphone Addiction Scale (SAS)–Short Version (SV), the 25-item Hikikomori Questionnaire (HQ-25), etc.

It can be a challenge for adults to keep up with the latest apps and know. Below, we have listed popular social media sites and applications.… continue reading »

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