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14-Sep-2020 12:55

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Social media, often fueled by citizens on the ground, has proven itself invaluable during breaking news for years, and role of the citizen journalist is likely to play an increasingly visible role in the current media ecosystem for some time now.Social media will continue to give oxygen to new events and movements like Ferguson, which may never have reached the greater public without it.

They've adopted their own aesthetic that Sam Biddle at Gawker recently coined as "Chart Brut," a "simple, unrefined, urgent, ominous, striving to be informative, and utterly middle-ground between the string-and-thumbtack cork-board flowcharts favored by premium-cable obsessives like Rust Cohle and Carrie Mathison, and the meaningless tangles of agency responsibilities beloved by security-apparatus bureaucrats, and it's emerged as the defining folk aesthetic of the 2014 internet." This style perfectly describes the investigative phenomenon that gave it life: It's often childish, convoluted, at times impressive, slipshod, obsessive, and slightly frightening.

Citizen journalism was one of the great dreams of the mid-2000s internet.

I waste a lot of time on Reddit. If I want to procrastinate on something, I'll often open a new tab and dive down a Reddit-hole. But sometimes you.… continue reading »

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That night, however, my feed was dominated by links to Reddit, where an. on the Adult Friend Finder profile did not credit Jones or Reddit.… continue reading »

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