Dating a sex worker

20-Nov-2020 19:00

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In April 2017, Rantsi felt that she was in a serious enough and committed relationship to disclose her profession. She finally decided to break the news, knowing that the truth has its own way of coming out.

“I was prepared for shock and disappointment.” For context Rantsi told him about the struggles of her childhood leading to the circumstances that led to her becoming a sex worker.

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I wanted to be a domestic worker but had serious challenges because I had to look after my younger siblings.” She got into sex work to find that it posed many challenges.Due to trauma suffered by Rantsi while operating as a sex worker, she attends trauma counselling sessions arranged for her by the love of her life. IF you've ever wondered what it would be like to date a sex worker, then a group of men who do just that have answered all your questions for you.Intimacy for us was chilling together, affection and talking.

A survey of students suggested that one in 25 undergraduates have tried adult work, including sugar dating by going out with older men, selling.… continue reading »

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Do sex workers make the best girlfriends? That's the claim from several men who have taken part in a debate on Reddit about what it's really.… continue reading »

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