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25-Dec-2020 23:55

And no matter how hard I tried to play good housewife, it just wasn’t the life for me.Dating a man with kids doesn’t mean you instantly become a parent.Not only can they unclasp a bra without a struggle, but they also don’t giggle when they see boobies. And seduction is something that begins way before you enter the bedroom.Because to most older men, sex isn’t about ejaculation. The female body isn’t just another notch on the bedpost. It has it’s own needs and deserves to be pleased beyond a fast fingerbang or nipple suck.And with your older beau by your side, you’ll spark their curiosity a little bit more than the average couple.You’ll be interrogated by family, friends, coworkers, people on the street, and even people in the hardware store (true story! They’ll wonder how you met and how you make your relationship work.That’s why I recommend that women shouldn’t overlook a man strictly because of his age. Despite the cliche, men really do age like a fine red wine.Because you never know if the best lover of your life is waiting behind those grey hairs, wrinkles, and pleated slacks. Their flavor becomes more complex, deep — and in the best scenarios — a whole lot richer.

Instead of taking shots of vodka at the bar, I was taking turns playing games on the Xbox.

When I tell my friends about my past lovers, I see a wave of disgust float across their faces. But in reality, there are plenty of attractive characteristics that come with age. Some are just bonkers and can pound you like a jackhammer for hours.

But if I wanted my poor, sweet vagina to be prodded and terrorized, I’d be spread-eagle on the gynecologist table every night of the week. They’re less focused on getting you undressed as fast as humanly possible.

Hell, I even married — and later divorced — a man 17 years my senior (Oh hey Steve).

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It’s fair to say I’m a bit biased when it comes to age gap relationships. Of course, you still get the crazy wack-jobs that you see in every age group, but generally speaking, older men offer a different perspective into dating.Perhaps you had a college boyfriend who would chat up hot sorority girls at the party while you watched?Or, maybe you dated a guy who spent the entire date texting his friends and staring at his phone? Because the thing is, most guys learn how to act in future relationships based on past relationships.And the truth is, it takes years or even decades for most men to understand this.

Apr 3, 2018. Older men like older women but would still prefer relationships with younger. “Natural selection has probably shaped men's sexual strategies to include. to discuss to the highs and lows of modern dating and relationships.… continue reading »

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