Easiest place to get laid in the world

27-Oct-2020 12:10

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Though, it should be noted that the country has banned same-sex marriage and has a number of Muslim extremists.

Also, Nigerian woman are the most unfaithful: 62 percent of Nigerian women admitted to cheating!

Specifically, this analysis bases the rankings on the assumption that younger, successful populations with lots of bars would be a great place to find someone to hook up with. If you’re in Boston, you should be getting laid pretty much every night if you’re trying.

That’s because Boston ranks in the top 10% for three major categories: Population density, number of bars per capita, and number of single residents.

A few glasses of local wine helps put them in the mood, just don’t fill up on too many carbs before getting it on.

There’s a reason it’s called a Brazilian butt lift.

You’re probably thinking, ‘I better move to Boston.’ For exactly how we calculated these rankings, read on.

Ninety percent of Spanish men and women said they were sexually satisfied in a study, and that they go at it more often when in a relationship verses casual dating. Notorious for their orgies of yore, they still love sex. With the sun, sea, and diet, it’s easy to see why they would be in the mood so often.

Just make sure to carry around some tie-dyed condoms in your pocket when you go out on the weekends. Hardly anyone is married with kids at home, and there’s a ton of places to party.

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