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25-Nov-2020 04:01

So, whenever I see 6’2″ or taller on a guy’s profile, it’s almost an automatic right swipe.As a trans woman on dating apps, I’ve always made sure that guys are aware that I am transgender. There have also been many documented cases of trans women being hurt and sometimes even killed when they disclose their status to transphobic men that found them attractive, so being completely transparent is also a way of protecting myself from potentially dangerous situations.

“If we are doing well in bringing new users to Transdr, our users will be able to find the right person easier and quicker.

Transdr confirmed to Pink News that one of the app’s co-founders was trans.

“Our team has a trans person who is dedicated to product and marketing.

We will remove ‘and their admirers.'” Others have criticised the app for being made by cisgender people without the input of trans people. Cool cool I wonder if the creator is actually trans…

oh no who could have seen this coming ‍♀️,” wrote one Twitter user.“However, we care about our users very much and we have removed those terms on our official site.Also, we will remove them on the app title.” Another issue that had been highlighted by users is the lack of non-binary options within the app.As a 22-year-old grad starting a career in fashion (and hopefully, one day, my own size-inclusive clothing line), I am drawn to guys who are funny and ambitious.

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Find A Shemale Lover. Find A Shemale Lover is a free online dating site for shemales and those wanting to date shemales. If you are already a member of you can simply use the same login information as they are sister sites and profiles are shared between the two.… continue reading »

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There are many imperfect places on the official site and the app. Transdr — the world's first dating app exclusively for transgender people.… continue reading »

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