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31-May-2020 23:34

They sense that he’s flimsy and that he doesn’t really stand for anything.This is why women will often test men—they want to see if you’re congruent to who you are. Prepare to have women test you to see just how confident you are.

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So if you only ever try to have sex with a woman, without engaging in any sort of meaningful conversation, you probably won’t get laid as much as you like. Hell, when I first started learning game I only showed women my sexual side.

I could write an entire post on this, and maybe I will, but for now, take the tip for what it is. This is how you overcome approach anxiety, it’s how you sharpen your social skills, and it’s how you get laid.

Back in the early 2000’s when the PUA community first emerged, guys used to have this thing called the “batting average.” It was basically the ratio of women you talked to vs. But what this doesn’t reveal, is that he only ever had sex with one girl in his entire life. When I first got into game, I relied pretty much entirely on cold approach pickup to get new lays.

Some girls like it, but many are shocked.“Oh my God, how could you vote for Donald Trump?! I have a very firm sense of identity, and they can appreciate it—that’s what women mean when they say “just be yourself.”They don’t mean be a nice guy pushover, they mean be confident in who you are.

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Own your opinions, own your beliefs, own your emotions, and own your identity.

But, once I started opening up, and developing deeper connections with women, I found that they started sticking around more.

Getting laid is a numbers game, plain and simple. You will have to approach literally thousands of women before you start to get good at this. So by hiding behind a “batting average,” guys were able to mask their fear. “Haha, losers, my batting average is 1.0! I’ve never struck out!” some guy would say.… continue reading »

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