Good places to fuck

15-Aug-2020 08:55

The space is pretty tight, and you will probably need to find an abandoned parking lot to get it on.

If you're skillful at it and have a roomy car or a flatbed truck, car sex can be pretty enjoyable.

Like with any other seriously public and highly populous place, you have to be careful—and yes, this place can risk you getting busted by police.

Depending on where you do it, getting banned from the mall will be the least of your worries.

I mean, come on, having sex on the kitchen counter shouldn't just be a thing that happens in movies.

Here are seven places you could have sex in your home, aside from your boring AF bedroom: Ah, the bathroom. And no, I'm not talking about doing it in the shower!

He, being the older of the two of us, came out of the car while still wearing a condom and explained everything.

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Bathroom stalls also seem to be pretty common, if you're willing to handle the smell.

Be forewarned—this is a pretty easy way to be busted and if you're caught, people will judge the fuck out of you.

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