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09-Jul-2020 02:47

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It uses a credit system – you pay only when you need to contact someone. There are websites similar to Anastasia Date, but they are way less expensive.It’s one of the best systems, but this website charges you for everything, prices are too high. For instance, you can use Victoria or, they are a lot cheaper and they suggest you profiles of real people and better protection from scammers.It’s a paid website and if you want to use it, you will have to buy credits by using your credit card.It’s up to you whether you want to indicate your card number, month and day when it will be expired, etc.

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This page reminds you of a Facebook interface, which is actually quite good because you immediately understand how to use the site and all those features. It’s hard to tell whether every user faces such a problem, but when you register you might receive a message “Sorry, this page is currently unavailable”.

For example, a flirty mood, a serious mood, or naughty, etc.

The search is quite advanced, although there is a simple search as well.

Be Naughty facilitates light, carefree and casual chatting and dating between playful singles, internationally.

Indeed, it’s the real opposite: the flirty environment guarantees a lot of stimulation.

And these announcements are a bit annoying, especially when you can’t switch them off.