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Both testified Monday before Justice Fred Kovach at Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench, with Nikdima denying he did anything against her will and that she instigated having sex.The complainant, however, told Kovach that she felt terrified and still suffers daily flashbacks. I remember saying no," testified the woman, who is not being identified because of a publication ban.While the woman had only the fake name John and online profile information, she was able to use Google image search to track down Gioulian Nikdima on a Kijiji ad for painting services under the name Julian. " Zielke, the prosecutor, said that line of questioning contributed to "rape myth" and conclusions that the Supreme Court has deemed unacceptable.

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The woman's daughter convinced her to go to the hospital, and on the Monday evening, she went for a rape exam, where nurses documented bruises and lacerations.Nychuk suggested it could have been misinterpreted as a "pleasure scream." She replied, "I can't imagine anyone thinking that." On Monday afternoon, the accused testified in his own defence.Nikdima was born in Albania and spent most of his adult years in Greece before immigrating to Canada in 2013.He apologized for being graphic, but told the court, "She was so horny." He said the woman forced him to go faster and screamed, "F--k me, f--k me, f--k me." Nikdima said that when police arrested him at his home, he had no idea what it was about and willingly gave a statement to RCMP, despite his lawyer's advice not to, because he had nothing to hide.

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The accused said he received a phone call from his beautiful ex-wife at the end of the date, and that the woman on the date may have been angry and jealous. The woman told the court she cries every day, can't trust people, and continues to blame herself that she "put myself in a position to get raped." "I don't know how to be me anymore." Bonnie Allen is a senior reporter for CBC News based in Saskatchewan.I'm not looking for sex.'" Their one-hour coffee date went so well that he invited her to continue on for lunch at Lancaster's in Harbour Landing, in the southwest corner of Regina. After lunch, when it was time for him to drive her back to her car, he drove south on Lewvan Drive out of the city. Then, she said, he told her, "' We'll go up here and go for a bit of a walk.It's a nice day.'" Once they were outside the car, he kissed her.Before returning to Canada in 2013, Allen spent four years reporting from across Africa, including Libya, South Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

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